Wednesday, 16 December 2009

version 0.3.1 released

I've got real-life problems at the moment which are likely to cause problems for a while. So, I'm pushing this out just in case I don't get the chance again. I've tried to make the code as bug-free as possible and made sure the features that work, work.

Differences from 0.2 to 0.3:
  • tagpy dependency gone along with the huge boost-python dep's. In place is Mutagen.
  • File(s) can be added to the playlist directly from the UI using the embedded fileview in tree format.
  • Gone is Phonon. In it's place is Python Gstreamer which, for developing, is a lot more trustworthy.
  • Small UI tweaks. I've disabled non-implemented widgets where suitable and removed some buttons (the searching options buttons in Amarok) that are unlikely to be done for a long time.
  • Massive code refactor. Truth be told, i'm not sure if it's correct but at least the ugly multiple class inheritance has gone and is a lot easier to read than before.
  • Wikipedia info displayed better.The app uses the printable version of each page. Wikipedia seem to be having a massive donation-drive of late so I haven't removed that.
I'm a bit disappointed I didn't get audio-cd playback supported but that is my next thing on the agenda, when I can find the time.

Here's 1 of a few current screengrabs.

If you're wondering why it's 0.3.1, I missed a minor UI bug in 0.3.0.

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