Monday, 29 March 2010

Gereqi, version 0.3.8 - 1 major bug down

It may seem i'm chucking out these releases a bit fast but the bug that I fixed tonight is a big one. A post over at reddit gave me a bit of encouragement / motivation to tackle this mother of a bug.

In the past you could only add tracks to the playlist-view if it was sorted by filename in ascending order. After that you could sort them however you want. If you added tracks by any other sorting scheme all hell broke loose. Today, after over 5 months, this issue is fixed. If you're wondering, the fix ended up being about an added 6lines.

I've added another feature which i've called "playlist-view history navigation". In essence, whenever you clear the playlist-view and add new stuff you can go back to previous selections, and then forward again. It's not 100% finished (more like 95%) but it's a good place to release it.

Here is a video i've just made.

Apologies for the lack of sound but it's too late in the day to sort that out. Also, note 2 bugs I found whilst doing the video (the date added widget and the moment I save a 2nd playlist). Those are small ones compared to the one I just fixed. Also, the quality, as of now, looks crap. That maybe a youtube processing issue as i've only just uploaded it.

Gereqi 0.3.8 can be found here and an installation guide of sorts is here.

PS: excuse the typos. This is rushed as I want to get some sleep.


  1. Hi, I've just created an ebuild for gereqi and tried it out. Unfourtunately there's no sound output and also the progress slider isn't moving :(
    But Gereqi looks quite good to me and I also like it doesn't need too much deps....
    I also have some feature request like 'different collection sorting' like it was/is in amarok e.g. genre/artist/album etc.
    When I add song to the playlist they are sorted the wrong why, starting with the lst song on top...
    An a double click in artist doesn't add all albums to the playlist...
    But as said, so far it looks good and promising!

  2. sorry, the 'not playing problem' was related to my pulseaudio server...

  3. Thanks for trying it out. Perhaps you could post a link to the ebuild? Also, does it work with pulse installed?

    I know what you are referring to with "different collection sorting". It's something i've been wanting to implement but not high on my list of priorities.

    "a double click in artist doesn't add all albums to the playlist". Yeah, that's an oversight on my part. The application used to add all albums (a very, long time ago) but I was getting issues. That is one thing I am certain I could sort out easily (hopefully).

    "When I add song to the playlist they are sorted the wrong why, starting with the lst song on top..." I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that. Do you mean the saved playlist? There's no sorting saved in that, at least not in the way you probably want.

  4. yeah it normally just works with pulse as gstreamer supports it (I think it depends on default gstreamer output device setting)

    the ebuild can be found here:
    but remember it need more love ;)