Sunday, 18 April 2010

Gereqi 0.3.9 -- now in .deb form

Finally I have got around to the requests and made a .deb for Gereqi!

I tried to use some deb-building guides out there but they seemed needlessly long winded so I created my own process. Now all I need to do to create a .deb is run a custom script where I feed it the location of .deb control file and the final package name; this streamlines thing immensely.

So apart from the .deb what else is new in this release? Well, like usual, not much. Mainly the code has been refactored and tidied up a little in compliance with Pep8 and pylint to make it easier to read. The only addition is that all tracks of an artist can be added at once although it's not ideal. A couple minor visual bugs relating to the track table have been addressed also but that's it.

Get the .deb here. [tested on Ubuntu 9.10 (x86) and 10.04-beta2 (x86+amd64)]
Get the source installer here.

If you are having issues I really want to know as I doubt my testing machines are clean enough.

UPDATE I've updated the packages to include a menu-entry so no more faffing around trying to start the application.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Gereqi 0.4.0 roadmap

I have a habit of not planning what I do with regards to Gereqi. Usually I'll jot down a couple of ideas and then loosely follow them if I'm good; typically I lose the piece of paper.

Well, for future reference here are the items I want to get sorted/perform before I release 0.4.0:

  1. Ui elements (excluding the menubar) all must work to some extent. Preferably fully.
  2. Thoroughly debugged
  3. Allow the media-library to be sorted by album/artist
  4. Ignore dynamic playlist support
  5. Podcast support
  6. Ipod support (maybe)
That's the general gist of what to expect in 0.4.0. Nothing amazing but I haven't the time or resources for that.