Sunday, 25 July 2010

Gereqi 0.4.0 Release Candidate 1

Finally! It's been a long time coming and has taken me many hours to get to a point in that I am satisfied for others to try. Strangely enough the only part I didn't enjoy was trying to create working rpm and deb packages.

There has been a lot of change since version 0.3.9 so here's a list:
  • Sort your media collection alphabetically by Album instead of just Artist,
  • The timed collection search has been fixed,
  • Having multiple directories (recursive or not) as the source for the media collection database is possible,
  • Watching the media collection directories for changes and automatically updating the database is an option made possible by pyinotify,
  • The sqlite backend has been massively sped up
  • Mysql is an option for the database. No prevision to create the database though, that has to be done manually by the user,
  • The album covers are retrieved from and stored locally. This method is a lot quicker and efficient but has fewer results than the old google+amazon method,
  • The random mode has been un-dumbed. Previously the random mode was very random and allowed you to play the same song you just heard. Now the random mode will not allow you to hear a song previously played until all in the playlist are finished.
  • The context browser has been used a bit more. Shows some relevant detail but doesn't allow interaction yet.
  • The system-tray icon is now an option.
  • Audio-cd playback now appears to work flawlessly. I didn't have to do anything, it just appears most distros have updated their gstreamer packages.
  • Addition of many tracks, e.g. all tracks by an artist in your database, has been massively sped up. Previously the program would get the track metadata by looking at each file in the filesystem. That metadata is now stored in the database.
  • The playlist saving is more robust
  • Reloading the last playlist on startup is an option
  • A working "settings" page
  • Sorting tracks by track number in the playlist is no longer dumb; tracks are sorted by track & album.
  • A lot of user interface features have been removed as they were not implemented. Previously I left them in to show my intention of what I aimed to do. In reality it just looked messy and gave an unfinished feel to the program.

To give it a try get the installers or packages from the google-code page. There may be a few caveats on how to install the programme for your distribution. Please leave any issues you have here or at the google-code issues page. If you think you know how to package .rpms or .debs I'd love to hear as I really could do with help there.

To not make this post completely dry here are a couple screenshots:



  1. Tnx for your time and effort.
    Me as an Ubuntu user can't seem to get it to work. I downloaded, and after extracting, I don't see anything I can compile/run.
    Hope to get it to work though, I'm a big amarok1.4 fan.

    Tnx again!

  2. Voestel. You need to use the .deb. the won't handle the dependencies

  3. So where does gereqi stand in relation to clementine?
    Both appear to do the same thing (Amarok 1.4 revival) and the version numbers are similar too (0.4 vs 0.4.2).

  4. Because they are too dumb to work on the other 100 million clones of Amarok 1.4. They have to make their own which will be no different from the 100 million (waste of time in my opinion)

  5. Comawhite. I suggest you don't assume you know everything.
    When I started the project I was contacted by the Amarok Dev team and thanked for aiming to provide a replacement for Amarok 1.4.
    in fact they told that they would send all their revieved complaints my way as it was filling a gap. Well that's amounted to nothing, obviously.