Saturday, 1 January 2011


It's been a while since the last update but things keep ticking on. I haven't had any coding sprints but I have been adding features and tidying up various things.

In the latest commit the new features/changes since ver-0.4.2 are:

  • Basic iPod support - very experimental (only tried with 120GB Classic), read-only
  • Can selectively hide/show columns of the track-table
  • Track-types in the filebrowser is not hardcoded to .m4a, .mp3, etc. Now shows formats based on what libraries are available.
  • The seekbar can be clicked on to advance it instead of grabbing the handle.
There's been a lot happening underneath such as cleaning up the database-backend. Also, playing around with a menu for right-clicking a track in the table. The options available match Amarok-1.4 but do nothing for now.

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